Bahn has to close dozens of routes because of concrete sleepers – economy

After the fatal accident in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, the railway had to check 200,000 concrete sleepers. New data now shows where you can only drive at a snail’s pace – or not at all.


Markus Balser, Berlin

For the railroad dispatchers, it was a list of horrors. In mid-August, the railway subsidiary DB Netz listed all those sections of the route in Germany on seven pages of small print that are not accessible at all or only to a limited extent due to inspections and problems with concrete sleepers. There is, for example, the entry with the route number 1730: 1.6 kilometers there it says there are problems between the Peine freight station and Vechelde. Normally, the track allows a speed of “140”. Permitted according to the list: Tempo “0”.

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