Bahamas court ‘not granting bail’ Sam Bankman-Fried Afraid to flee the country

According to local sources, on Dec. 13, lawyers for Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) requested bail in a Bahamian court. After his arrest on December 12, pending an extradition request from US authorities. The move comes after Presiding Judge JoyAnn Ferguson-Pratt said that The Chief Justice said earlier today that the SBF had the right to seek bail.

According to the request, the 30-year-old executive suffered from “Depression” and “insomnia” and he has no criminal record. and did not flee the Bahamas despite having “enough opportunities” to do so.

Consequently, SBF’s attorneys also claimed that his client had not taken drugs, including “Adderall” and “anti-depressants” since his arrest, and that SBF had not objected to electronic checks or reporting to local police if get bail

However, Judge JoyAnn Ferguson-Pratt Rejected SBF’s bail request, highlighting the “risk of fleeing the country,” and ordered the crypto executive to be detained at the Bahamas Department of Corrections until Feb. 8.

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