Baerbock in Munich – “No more halves” – Munich

Katharina Schulze, leader of the Greens in the Bavarian state parliament, calls into the microphone “Standstill and muddle on” or departure, that will be the election on September 26th. At that very moment the green bus is rolling towards Professor-Huber-Platz in front of the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, which symbolizes the new departure for the party: the bus of Chancellor candidate Annalena Baerbock.

The afternoon sun is beating down from the sky, on stage a good mood band has just sung about a green leaf on a green tree in English; a band member wears a fluffy crocodile costume, under which it must be quite warm. Schulze and Katrin Habenschaden, Munich’s second mayor, put the heaters on for the woman everyone is waiting for. Many people have gathered, but there is already room for more people.

Habenschaden is pleased “that so many have come who know that things can no longer go on like this”. Thomas Gottschalk or Bibi and Tina would not do more to ruin in the Ministry of Transport than the CSU, she jokes, Armin Laschet and Olaf Scholz would both be “devastating for the climate”, and Scholz in general: He has not annoyed anyone with his course “for weeks bother with content “and make one on” Merkel 2.0 “. You shouldn’t duck away from crises, you have to tackle them, “and that’s what Annalena Baerbock will do, I am absolutely convinced of that”.

She begins her speech with the solidarity that was felt in the corona pandemic: “Just as many people have outgrown themselves in the last year, it is now important that politics outgrow themselves.” Baerbock talks about fair wages in care and a “real citizens’ insurance”, education, wealth tax, European values ​​and Afghanistan: The German government’s ducking away has meant that the disaster there has now to be accounted for.

She appears defensive when she admits that others have more government experience, but: “That has led us to a dead end.” She had been talking for a good quarter of an hour when she first mentioned climate protection, the Greens’ big election campaign topic, the topic where she received the most applause. “No more half measures”, demands the chancellor candidate, “that is the question of our time”.

In order to set the right course for climate neutrality, the next government must be led in green, but honestly, it needs “a few more votes”. The polls are not great for the Greens, but everything is open in Munich. As the direct candidate Dieter Janecek had said on stage at the beginning: “Four climate protection direct mandates, that would hurt the CSU the most.” A few more questions from the audience, then Baerbock has to go back to the bus.


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