Bad Kötzting: Ten years in prison for killing an acquaintance – Bavaria

A man from Bad Kötzting was sentenced to a ten-year prison sentence with preventive detention before the Regensburg regional court on Wednesday for the murder of a 50-year-old acquaintance. The chamber assumed bodily harm resulting in death.

The public prosecutor’s office had pleaded for a murder conviction for the 26-year-old and demanded a life sentence with preventive detention. According to the prosecutor’s conviction, the man, who had multiple convictions, killed his acquaintance in order to return to prison for a longer period of time. The co-prosecution had seen a case of manslaughter. The man’s defense attorney assumed bodily harm resulting in death. She left the sentence at the discretion of the court. If there was a murder verdict, she demanded placement in a psychiatric hospital instead of preventative detention.

The defendant told the police in Bad Kötzting (Cham district) in February that he had killed an acquaintance the evening before. Officials found the 50-year-old’s body.

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