“Bachelor”: Last gasp of a pretty boring season

The Bachelor
Suddenly Finale: Last gasp of a rather dull “Bachelor” season

He sighs, he groans, he suffers: Bachelor David has to decide which lady he chooses


Bachelor David has to choose between the last two women: Angelina and Lisa. In addition, RTL finally allows him overnight dates with both of them in the last episode.

Hey, final already? One thing can be seen quite nicely from our surprise at this fact: While a “Bachelor” season usually runs in waves and the tension usually decreases in the last third (less controversial candidates, logical), but then with the “Dream Dates” and the “Home-Dates” becomes even more entertaining towards the end, it’s different this time. The season rippled along, and at the latest with the departure of Yolanda (sniff) and Leyla, the babbling brook became more of a trickling trickle of entertainment. Excuse the babbling metaphors if you have to go around the corner for a moment – we’ll wait here.

A problem maybe: Bachelor David seemed very controlled the whole time, very concerned about his effect – and never really let himself fall into the madness of this show. In addition, despite the large number of candidates, none seemed to be his type at first, and as the season progressed it seemed more often that he wanted to serve the ladies more as a therapist than as a potential lover. He never seemed really passionate about any of the ladies. Of course, that’s not the best basis for a dating show.

“Bachelor” finale: Huch, already?

Well, now the finale anyway. After all, RTL is finally treating us to overnight dates with David and the two remaining women, Angelina and Lisa. Well, not both at the same time. Nice one after the other. Oh, we love those embarrassed scenes when the camera team films the two “waking up” together. What is the exact choice of words? Did they – or didn’t they? Well, because we are naive and conservative, we would usually say: Of course you have not. However, we have been taught better in the past. Our tip this time would be: With Lisa? Possibly. With Angelina? Rather not, also because she still sounds quite cold and sniffled.

Bachelor 2023: These candidates are fighting for David Jackson

By the way, before going to bed, the respective pairings also do something funny: Lisa and David go karting against each other (and Lisa wins), with Angelina he can hold an eagle on his arm. Otherwise you could easily reduce this final episode to a nice quarter of an hour – if you would delete all the sentimental flashbacks and the many sighs and quarrels and suffering of the bachelor, who apparently finds this final decision difficult. He then also says a few rather questionable things, such as the fact that he initially assumed that in the end he would “only” want to go home with a woman. Has that changed now? Polyamory in prime time?

The decision at the end is then drawn out again almost endlessly. Sure, if the bachelor would simply say: “Here, there please”, then that would probably neither fill the airtime nor fulfill RTL’s ideas of drama. Let’s be a little less annoying and tell you directly who he’s voting for – just so that we have enough time afterwards to explain why that, of course wrong decision was.

David makes the wrong decision

Short and painless: David chooses Angelina. And that despite the fact that there was obviously a much more real connection with Lisa. Sure, Lisa probably wasn’t a fan favorite with her somewhat harsh, no-nonsense manner, but she’s a natural beauty, shares many interests with David, and has always managed to embrace his life-coach attitude with friendly interest but confidence . Lisa would actually have been a good partner for him.

All this is not supposed to be a diss against Angelina. Angelina is funny, very pretty and sweet – but Angelina knew every second that she was on a TV show. Just like David. And unlike Lisa, we would just assume that she is in the mood for a little publicity. After all, she was once a contestant on a flirting show (which the bachelor may not know, at least it never came up in the scenes that were broadcast). So Angelina was the right choice for David if he wants to increase his followers on Instagram.

How will things continue?

If we could make a cheeky prognosis: David and Angelina will be the dream couple par excellence for a few weeks or months. Then at some point it’s over and suddenly Lisa is back on the scene. But maybe that’s just romantic wishful thinking on our part… ahh. In any case, we are looking forward to the “reunion”, where we will learn more about it!

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