Baby freed from smoke-filled apartment – Bavaria

The police rescued a baby from a smoky apartment in the Swabian district of Unterallgäu. The 30-year-old mother had left the child there alone while lunch was on the stove, according to the police headquarters in Swabia South / West on Wednesday.

The police only became aware of the incident on Tuesday in Erkheim by chance: According to the information, the mother had fallen on the floor in a shoe shop and had made a confused impression. Through further investigations in the environment of the 30-year-old, the officials became aware of the baby in the apartment – the woman herself had not mentioned anything about it. According to the police, when the emergency services arrived at the apartment in Erkheim, the food was already burned and acrid smoke had spread. The baby was taken to a children’s hospital as a precaution. The mother was also taken to a hospital due to her mental condition.

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