Aying – traffic obstructions due to falls – district of Munich

Drivers will have to be prepared for traffic obstructions in the coming weeks between Großhelfendorf and Rauchenberg. Because 2078 trees are being felled on the state road, the route will not be passable from Monday, February 6th until probably Friday, February 17th. The signposted diversion leads from Großhelfendorf via the M 8 district road to Kleinkarolinenfeld, further on the M 9 to Kreuzstraße and from there on the MB 4 or RO 28 district road to Aschbach back to the state road 2078. The diversion route applies to both directions of travel. Access to the Blindham mountain animal park is only possible via Kleinhelfendorf. The clearing work serves as a preparation for the upcoming thorough renovation of the state road between Großhelfendorf and Rauchenberg this year. A compensation is being created elsewhere for the felled trees at the edge of the forest by converting grassland areas into meadows rich in species and flowers.

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