Avicii: New Biography Reveals Diary Entries Before His Death

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DJ Avicii died in 2018: New biography reveals diary entries before his death

Tim Bergling, known as DJ Avicii, died on April 20, 2018

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Around four years after the death of the star DJ Avicii, a new biography appears, in which the musician’s diary entries are printed. They show the inner conflict of the 28-year-old.

Swedish star DJ Avicii died in April 2018 at the age of only 28. Tim Bergling, his real name, committed suicide while on vacation in the desert state of Oman. The musician fought for years against his alcohol and drug addiction, suffered from panic and anxiety attacks. The pressure to succeed and the restless traveling around the globe made him increasingly difficult. In 2016, he therefore retired completely burned out from touring life. The documentary “Avicii – True Stories”, which was shown on streaming provider Netflix, shows how bad Bergling was at times.

One will be released on January 18, 2022 new biography about the Swedish artist. “Tim – The Official Biography of Avicii”, so the title of the book, deals, among other things, with Avicii’s health and mental problems. The Swedish journalist Måns Mosesson spoke to the DJ’s parents, friends and colleagues about this. He was also allowed to publish extracts from the diaries that Avicii wrote during his stays in several hospitals and rehab clinics.

Avicii and his diary entries

One note reads: “I found it difficult to accept never to drink again, although all the doctors strongly advised me to wait at least a year before even having a beer. Of course, I did not listen to the majority of doctors, I did to the couple who said it was okay if I was careful. I was ignorant and naive and toured the world. “

Avicii’s excessive consumption of alcohol caused inflammation of the pancreas. In addition, his gall bladder and appendix had to be removed. The psychological pressure that he felt with increasing success was also noticeable physically. The days in the hospital felt like “vacation” for him, wrote the DJ. Because he was then forced to calm down, “as depressing as that may sound”.

Meditation instead of drugs

In 2015, at the insistence of his family, Avicii went to rehab in a facility in Ibiza. Instead of getting intoxicated with alcohol and drugs, the musician concentrated on meditation, but did this too excessively. 20 minutes were recommended, Avicii, on the other hand, is said to have meditated for several hours a day. He tried to get his fears and pain under control.

The day before his death, an acquaintance Avicii had met on his trip to Oman contacted his father, Klas Bergling, and expressed concerns about the musician’s condition. He would neither eat nor speak, but remain in meditation for hours. The last entry in Avicii’s diary reads: “The stripping of the soul is the last connection before everything starts again!”

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