Aviation: Injured in Condor machine after turbulence

Injured in Condor plane after turbulence

A Condor aircraft (archive image). photo

© Hannes P. Albert/dpa

On the way to Mauritius, a Condor plane encountered turbulence. 20 people on board are injured. A Lufthansa plane also has problems – it even has to stop over.

Several people were injured in turbulence during a Condor flight from Frankfurt to Mauritius. A Condor spokeswoman said on Thursday that a total of around 20 injuries to passengers and crew members had been reported. People would be medically examined. Some had bruises. No information could be given about the exact severity of the injuries.

The plane with 272 passengers and 13 crew members got into turbulence about two hours before landing at the airport near the capital Port Louis. The plane landed safely at 6:29 a.m. local time. Flight DE 2314 took off from Frankfurt on Wednesday at 4:10 p.m. There was damage in the cabin of the machine that now needs to be examined.

Also Lufthansa machine gets into turbulence

In Washington on Wednesday evening (local time), a Lufthansa plane had to land unscheduled on its way from the USA to Frankfurt due to severe turbulence. Individual people were slightly injured, said a company spokesman when asked by the German Press Agency. The affected passengers were given first aid on board by the flight attendants trained for these cases. After flying through the turbulence, the cockpit crew of flight LH469 decided to make an alternate landing at Dulles International Airport. We regret the inconvenience caused to the passengers.

The air movements were so-called clear air turbulence, which could occur without visible weather phenomena and advance warning, it said. The machine, which started in Austin, Texas, was caught in turbulence 90 minutes after taking off. According to US media reports, the airport operator – the Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority – and the US aviation authority FAA announced that seven people had been taken to hospitals.


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