Avalanche Developers Upgrade Cortina on Mainnet to Improve Network Performance

Avalanche, the proof-of-stake blockchain developed by Ava Labs, enables Cortina upgrades on mainnet to help improve network performance for developers.

Cortina is the latest version of Avalanche Go v1.10.0, the node implementation for the Avalanche Network.

upgrade Cortina includes X-Chain migration to run Snowman++ consensus , which means The entire network has been migrated to a single consensus engine, a change that is critical for Avalanche Warp Messaging (AWM) integration, as well as enabling complex X-Chain transactions.

The Avalanche X-Chain, or Exchange Chain, is one of the three main chains within the platform, along with the P-Chain (Platform Chain) and C-Chain (Contract Chain). X-Chain is specifically designed for asset creation and management. Original Avalanche

Additionally, the upgrade involves changes to C-Chain, a smart contract layer compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine, where Cortina will increase the C-Chain block gas limit from 8 million to 15 million gas to support the deployment of complex dApps. more on the network

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