Autumnal outlook – Munich –

Trees and bushes on the banks of the Isar have changed color – it’s not just the view from the Ludwigsbrücke that proves: late summer is over. Autumn has arrived in Munich and with it the cold. Temperatures have been less than ten degrees Celsius during the day since the beginning of the week. On Tuesday, fog and a cloudy sky blocked out the sun’s rays; The temperatures were only slightly above freezing in many places in the early morning hours. Even the Isar is even warmer: the water temperature reached 11.7 degrees Celsius on Tuesday afternoon, but is slowly falling into the single-digit range, as data from the Bavarian Hydrological Service show. But that doesn’t stop the hardy swimmers from taking a dip in the river. The weather forecast for the coming days is a little better, the temperatures are expected to rise slightly, but one thing is certain: autumn is here.

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