Austrians intentionally contract Corona and die

According to a doctor: Man is said to have been specifically infected with Corona and died from it

Doctors warn of the consequences of a corona infection: The disease can also be severe – and even fatal – in younger people

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Corona parties are booming among vaccination opponents in Austria: There they intentionally want to become infected in order to then be considered recovered. However, the infection apparently cost a 55-year-old man his life.

Politicians and doctors never tire of warning about the coronavirus, and the number of infections and deaths speak for themselves. Nevertheless, some people still do not seem to take Covid 19 disease seriously. A man has now died in Austria after deliberately contracting the corona virus. This is what a doctor reported to the “Kleine Zeitung”.

Accordingly, the 55-year-old from the Styrian district of Liezen visited a so-called “Corona party” to get infected there. Apparently he hoped to survive the infection without any problems and then to be considered recovered for six months. This would avoid vaccination for the time being. However, the man developed a severe course and eventually died of Covid 19 disease, said the doctor, who wants to remain anonymous.

Austria: Government announces lockdown and compulsory vaccination

According to her, there are always such “corona parties” in the region: “They often only take place in smaller towns, but there are many such gatherings.” In Austria, a so-called lockdown for unvaccinated people has been in effect since this week. Those who have not been vaccinated are only allowed to leave their house or apartment for valid reasons. However, people who have recovered are treated on an equal footing with those who have been vaccinated for the first six months after their infection.

Austria: According to a doctor: Man is said to have been specifically infected with Corona and died from it

Apparently people speculate on this who do not want to be vaccinated and therefore prefer to be infected at “Corona parties”. The doctor from Styria warns against underestimating the danger. She also reports on some under-30s who had Long Covid symptoms after being infected. In the “Kurier”, the virologist Klaus Vander again pointed out the possible after-effects of an infection and warned against imitators: “The long-term consequences range from taste and smell disorders to poor concentration, sleep disorders and psychological changes.”

In the future, however, it will be much more difficult for vaccine opponents in Austria to avoid vaccination. Federal Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg has announced that vaccination will be mandatory from February. The government is reacting to the massive fourth wave of infections with a lockdown for the entire population, which will apply from Monday.

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