Auschwitz: The story of an “asocial” from the Allgäu – Bavaria

Alois Roth was an eccentric who liked to philosophize and went off the rails. The Nazis put him in Auschwitz, he didn’t survive the war. A new novel sheds light on the fate of the man about whom they prefer to remain silent in the Allgäu.


Florian Fuchs, Oberguenzburg

They photographed him from the side and from the front, like all prisoners. Alois Roth was given a number in Auschwitz, 173690. And yet these are not the usual prisoner pictures. “He doesn’t seem like someone who has just arrived in Hell,” says Robert Domes. After arriving in Auschwitz, Alois Roth looks proudly into the camera, craning his head. Author Domes also says that when he was researching the memorial in Auschwitz, the employees there were amazed when they looked closely at the pictures: They have not often seen a man here who almost radiates something like confidence when he arrives at the concentration camp .

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