Augsburg: suspended sentence for speeders – Bavaria

After a breakneck escape from the police, sometimes at speeds of up to 200 kilometers per hour, a speeder was sentenced to one year and eight months in prison on probation on Thursday. The 42-year-old will also receive a driver’s license ban of one and a half years, said a spokeswoman for the district court in Augsburg. The man’s sports car is also confiscated by the judiciary.

The man was accused of driving the high-horsepower car at high speed several times without a driver’s license. When the police tried to stop him, the accused is said to have fled at up to 130 kilometers per hour in the city and even at up to 200 km/h outside of the city.

The police vehicle overturned in the pursuit, an officer was injured. The defendant was charged with illegal motor vehicle racing, negligent bodily harm and other criminal offenses. The court spokeswoman reported that he fully confessed to the allegations. The verdict is not yet legally binding.

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