Augsburg: House in Karolinenstrasse burns 24 hours – Bavaria

After a fire, there will probably not be much left of a listed Augsburg house with structural fabric from the 16th century. “What can be saved will be saved, but it will largely be removed,” said a city spokeswoman on Sunday. A fire department spokesman said: “The house survived both world wars, but not the fire on Friday.”

The fire broke out on Friday evening and was only completely extinguished more than 24 hours later. Fire fighters extinguished embers in Karolinenstrasse until the early hours of the morning on Sunday. For this purpose, the roof structure where the fire broke out was, according to the information, removed with special excavators.

According to the city, the core of the house dates back to the 16th century. A valuable Madonna figure from the mid-18th century, which was attached to the outside of the gable, was saved. The neighboring houses are not at risk, according to the city.

The cause of fire was unclear for the moment. Three people were slightly injured in the fire. According to a police spokesman, the damage should run into the millions. The Stadtwerke Augsburg had meanwhile warned of contaminated drinking water in the area. In the course of the fire service, a small amount of extinguishing water got into the drinking water pipe. The warning was lifted on Sunday. Residents should flush the pipes for five minutes.

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