Augsburg district court: family wants to kill daughter – Bavaria

Her family wants to kill a 16-year-old girl because she has a Jesidin boyfriend. In the dining room, father and brothers discuss how best to take her life. These and other atrocities come to light in court.


Florian Fuchs, Augsburg

The 16-year-old can still remember the first words of the farewell letter: “Dear Mama, dear Papa” her brother forced her to write and that she no longer wanted to live because of the pressure at school. The girl’s family, she says, came to the conclusion in the afternoon that the 16-year-old should be hanged in the children’s room so that it looks like suicide. Sending her back to Iraq and marrying her was apparently out of the question, drowning her was also out of the question. The parents and all eight siblings discussed the daughter’s death in the dining room, brothers are said to have kicked them and pulled their hair, again and again. The girl was sitting on the floor in a corner.

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