Augsburg City Forest is “Forest Area of ​​the Year 2024” – Bavaria

The Augsburg City Forest has been named “Forest Area of ​​the Year 2024” by the Association of German Foresters (BDF). The urban forest offers space for nature conservation, drinking water protection and also for recreation, said BDF managing director Ines von Keller. “The Augsburg city forest shows in a special way what foresters and forests do for our ecosystem and our society every day.” The award announced at the weekend refers in particular to the former riparian forest along the Lech.

With almost 7,700 hectares, Augsburg has one of the largest municipal forest areas in Germany; the largest urban forest is in Berlin. The Swabian city also has large forest areas outside its own city limits, one even about 250 kilometers away in Fuchsmühl in the Upper Palatinate. Five of the seven forestry districts are located in other communities. In Diedorf in the Augsburg district, the city maintains an “exotic forest”. This was created in the 1880s and consists of around 70 foreign tree species such as Douglas firs and coastal firs from North America. The trees grown there also offer insights into how the forest can be redesigned with alternative species in times of climate change.

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