Audience ratings: “Bundschuh Family” is ahead

“Bundschuh family” is in the lead

Two activists storm the community hall and threaten Mayor Gundula Bundschuh (Andrea Sawatzki) with pig’s blood. Gerald (Axel Milberg) isn’t much help to his wife. photo

© Britta Krehl/ZDF/dpa

Gundula Bundschuh wants to become mayor and has to assert herself against her husband. 3.92 million people wanted to see it and tuned in to ZDF. How did the other programs perform?

The ZDF film “Family “Bundschuh – Bundschuh vs. Bundschuh” interested most television viewers on Monday evening. Andrea Sawatzki and Axel Milberg play the eponymous couple in the film series, the eighth part of which attracted 3.92 million people to the screens at 8:15 p.m. (16.2 percent market share).

On the other hand, 2.72 million viewers wanted to watch the quiz show “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” see on RTL (12.3 percent). Another episode of the fourth season of “Babylon Berlin” attracted 2.50 million (10.4 percent) during prime time on the first. 2.30 million and 2.29 million respectively stayed with the other episodes that were broadcast afterwards.

ZDFneo was able to win an average of 1.79 million viewers with the crime series “Inspector Barnaby” (7.4 percent). The Vox show “The Lions’ Den” attracted 1.32 million (5.9 percent), the dating show “Wedding at First Sight” attracted 1.10 million on Sat.1 (4.9 percent).

Kabel eins had the action comedy “Kindergarten Cop” in its program and gained 960,000 viewers (4.1 percent), ProSieben with the sitcom “Young Sheldon” attracted 640,000 people (2.7 percent). The finale of the dating show “Love Island – Hot Flirts and True Love” was shown on RTLzwei in front of 330,000 television viewers (1.4 percent).


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