At the listening cell, the wait of “a whole life” for victims of sexual violence

Three hours after the launch of the telephone line, Aurélie, a 34-year-old listener, has already taken five calls. Four women and a man, all victims of sexual violence as children. “These are mainly facts that have occurred in the family sphere. The attacker was an uncle, a brother, a cousin, ”explains the young woman specially trained by the Feminist Collective Against Rape (CFCV).

It is in the premises of this association that the Secretary of State in charge of the protection of children, Adrien Taquet and the two presidents of the brand new independent commission on incest (Ciivise) visited this Tuesday. . Born in the wake of the shock wave caused by the publication of Camille Kouchner’s book, La Familia Grande, this body has just launched a major project. Since Tuesday morning, all victims of domestic sexual violence can testify on two dedicated telephone lines *.

A “less deaf and blind” society

“The Commission is not intended to take the place of child protection services and the judicial authority,” warns magistrate Edouard Durand, who co-chairs the commission. But the objective of this new telephone platform remains “fundamental”, supports the Secretary of State Adrien Taquet: “This line aims to collect the words of the victims in order to be able to redirect them towards a course of care and better understand what is at issue. work when a child is the victim of domestic sexual violence. Above all, listening platform, this line could however be brought to make reports to justice if necessary. “The Minister of Justice has made all the prosecutors aware of the high probability that a certain number of files will be transmitted,” said Adrien Taquet.

A few thousand kilometers away, the teams of the Martinican association SOS Kriz are also on the bridge. They are the ones who will be responsible for collecting the words of incest victims in the overseas departments. In Paris, twelve listeners can be reached free of charge from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. And the call can be made anonymously.

“The testimonies intervene long after the facts. This morning, the youngest person I spoke to was fifty years old. And some do not want those around them to be informed, ”explains Aurélie. But the stake of this national call for testimonies is twofold: “We hope that these stories will show how massive this sexual violence against children is to ensure that society is less blind and deaf than it was not until now, ”adds Nathalie Mathieu, the co-chair of the commission.

Huge expectation

And the wait seems immense for some victims, indicates Aurélie: “A woman told me that she had waited for this call for testimonies all her life. “According to the magistrate Edouard Durand,” in a few hours, already, hundreds of calls and e-mails were sent to the commission “this Tuesday morning.

Contacted by 20 minutes, the psychologist Linda Tromeleue, member of the Ciivise, explains: “The fact that this appeal is launched by a public body offers an expression supporting the exit from silence. The lessons from their words will allow the deployment of a public policy contributing to improving the protection of children. The victims – for those who need it – will be able to feel that they are acting. “

“Do something with this word”

Among the professionals present this Tuesday, however, all pose the same observation: Listening, alone, is not enough. Emmanuelle Piet, the president of the Feminist Collective Against Rape, recalls that her association has been running a telephone line for women victims of sexual violence for 34 years. “Already in 1987, nearly half of the calls we received concerned rape committed in childhood,” recalls the activist. “For thirty years, we have received victims of incest and it is obvious that these young women have always tried to express themselves in one way or another. Children or adolescents express themselves, but we are not able to hear them, ”abounds Nathalie Mathieu, also general manager of the Docteurs Bru association.

On Twitter, the dancer and director Andréa Bescond, author of the film The Tickles, was even more critical: “The state cannot STILL ask victims to testify!” There have been several tens of thousands of testimonies since the start of the release of speech. Now is the time for action. Budgets! Measurements ! “To respond to this emergency, the Ciivise has put on its site
a questionnaire available to victims. “Once the responses have been analyzed, this will allow us to give society a clear vision of the mechanisms at work, to identify what worked in the response of the institutions (…) and what went wrong in order to be able to repair these flaws. », Assures Edouard Durand.

From October 20, the members of the commission will also go to the country to meet the victims and the public, consulting professionals, judges, doctors, social services, law enforcement, institutions, in search of ” good practices “. But Emmanuelle Piet warns: “We will have to do something with these words. Hearing them, believing them is an important battle for us, but the next step will be decisive. “

* Line 0805 802 804 is open between 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. from the mainland. Another number, 0800 100 811, is adapted to Overseas timetables.

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