“At 18, my plan was not to save the planet”, confides the “green nugget” Solène

How do I get involved in an ecological transition profession? What training to follow? What jobs correspond to my skills, to my aspirations? Here are so many questions to which the association Les Pépites Vertes strives to answer by listing the backgrounds and testimonies of dozens of young professionals committed to the environment.

In order to support this initiative, 20 minutes joined this summer “to the great appeal to the nuggets of France” launched by the site to find new talents throughout France. Among the very many responses received, four “profiles” were retained. Four dynamic and committed “nuggets” that Claire Pétreault (alias Claire L’Éclair) went to meet and interview this summer at their workplace.

How Solène found “her job soul mate”

Before discovering their full interview on the Pépites Vertes website, 20 minutes Every Wednesday in September unveils an express testimony of these young people. This week, Solène, 24, project manager at the French Biodiversity Office in Aix-en-Provence, tells us about her journey and gives her advice to aspiring “nuggets”.

“My plan at 18 was not to save the planet, but to really study what I liked. Namely geography and economy. The meaning of the profession came gradually and now I derive great satisfaction from being able to work for everyone, for society, ”explains the young woman, who claims to have found“ her job soul mate ”.

Find the first episode of the special series “Pépites de France” with 20 Minutes on the Pépites Vertes website by here.

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