Asterix: The first interview with new author Fabrice Caro

Asterix volume number 40 “The White Iris” will be published in October. A new author was hired for the anniversary, the French comic artist Fabrice Caro, known as Fabcaro. A conversation about pale heroes, self-optimization and village life.

Mr. Caro, be honest: the new Asterix may not appear until October, but you’ve already finished it?
I actually finished my dialogues and scenes a long time ago. But before the volume finally goes to press, there are still a few small things to do. Corrections, adjustments and so on.

Unfortunately, the plot is still top secret. Supposedly, however, it is about topics such as mindfulness and self-optimization.
Yes, there is a lot of debate in France right now. However, Asterix has always been a series that embraces modern aspects. “Obelix GmbH & Co. KG” was about capitalism. In the “satellite town” about building frenzy and real estate madness. And now these issues are moving into the village.

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