Assistance to Ukraine: weapons and a monthly contact group

As of: 04/26/2022 6:11 p.m

At their conference at the US military base in Ramstein, representatives of Western countries promised Ukraine more weapons. In addition, the meeting is to be expanded into a monthly contact group in order to better coordinate the aid.

At a conference at the US Ramstein Air Force Base in Rhineland-Palatinate, Western countries, including Germany, pledged further arms deliveries to Ukraine. US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin said he would “move heaven and earth” to give Ukraine what it needs to defend itself.

Austin expressly welcomed Germany’s announcement that it would support Ukraine with anti-aircraft tanks. Germany is “a great friend and ally” of the United States, Austin said after an international meeting at a US military base. The transfer of the 50 Gepard anti-aircraft tanks is a significant step that will bring important additional capabilities to Ukraine, according to the US Secretary of Defense.

Firmly support Ukraine

The world has been shaken up by Russia’s war of aggression, and more than 30 allies and partners, along with the United States, have already pledged more than $5 billion in military equipment to Ukraine, Austin said. The US and its allies stand together to support Ukraine in the face of Russia’s war of aggression.

The conference clearly showed that the coming weeks are of great importance for Ukraine. “We have to keep up with the speed of war,” Austin said. One is more determined than ever to underestimate Ukraine “in its fight against Russian aggression and Russian atrocities”.

Monthly Contact Group on Defense of Ukraine

Austin announced that the conference format will expand to “a monthly outreach group.” The support of the countries for Ukraine should be better coordinated overall. “To ensure we continue to build on our progress, we will be extending this forum beyond today,” Austin said. The monthly meetings could be in-person, virtual, or a mixed format.

Austin swore the allies to long and sustained support for the country. “Ukraine needs our help today to win and will still need our help when the war is over.”

Lambrecht: “Reliable partner” for Ukraine

Representatives of several states promised arms deliveries to Ukraine in Ramstein. Federal Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht announced the delivery of anti-aircraft tanks. “We are a reliable partner on Ukraine’s side – together with our allies,” she said after the conference. In addition, the conference was also the starting signal for medium- and long-term support. “The best security guarantee for Ukraine is a well-trained and well-equipped armed forces.”

At the Ramstein meeting, the governments of Great Britain and Canada also pledged further military support. According to Austin, London has announced that it will again strengthen Ukraine’s air defenses. Ottawa also wants to supply armored vehicles.

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