Asparagus season: How to prepare green and white asparagus

asparagus season
Green and white asparagus: How to properly prepare the sticks

How to properly cook white and green asparagus

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It’s everywhere again: asparagus. Whether green or white, classic or unusual. But how do you cook it properly? Especially gently and at low heat. We give tips.

The asparagus season is in full swing again: Asparagus is in season in Germany from April to the end of June. When it comes to asparagus cultivation, Germany is at the forefront. But how do you prepare the popular sticks correctly? Green and white asparagus differ not only in appearance, but also in the harvest and the cooking time. The most important difference: white asparagus grows underground, green asparagus above ground. And so the latter cooks faster than white asparagus.

White asparagus – how to cook it properly

1. The most important thing about white asparagus: peeling. Because even if you cook unpeeled, white asparagus for a long time, the skin will not soften. What is the best way to peel the asparagus? Place it in your hand, support it on the underside of your wrist, hold the tip between your index and middle fingers, and twist as you peel. This makes it evenly smooth. The woody ends are simply broken off at the bottom.

2. The asparagus should then be placed in a large pot or pan and completely covered with water.

3. You can now add butter, sugar and salt to the water. The sugar reduces possible bitter substances in the asparagus.

4. The rule is: Boil water briefly and then cook slowly over low to medium heat. Grade I asparagus 10 to 15 minutes, Grade II asparagus 8 to 10 minutes.

5. Cooking test: lift the asparagus out with a fork, bend the spears down, the asparagus is done. If you want more bite, take out the rods earlier.

6. Alternatively and more gently, you can cook the asparagus in a steam cooker. Or in the oven in packets in their own juice. Feel free to try your favorite variant.

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Green asparagus – cook or fry?

1. You don’t have to peel green asparagus completely. It is enough to remove the peel in the lower third. That looks nice too.

2. Green asparagus can also be cooked in a water pot or pan covered with water. But beware: the cooking time here is very short, five minutes is often enough and the green asparagus is firm to the bite. If it is cooked too long, the tips will quickly become mushy.

3. You can find out whether green asparagus is done with the cooking test. If the spears bend down, the green asparagus is done. Or you stab it with a knife. If the resistance is low, the popular vegetable is ready to eat.

4. Another option is to fry the green asparagus: add some oil or butter to the pan and fry over medium to high heat for five minutes. The green asparagus absorbs roasted aromas and becomes soft at the same time. If you like, you can deglaze the finished green asparagus with a few drops of dark balsamic vinegar or soy sauce. This gives the vegetables a special aroma.


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