Ashley Judd: Her mother was ‘kind’ but ‘isolated’

Ashley Judd
Her mother was ‘kind’ but ‘isolated’

Ashley Judd with her mother Naomi in 2013.

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Ashley Judd opens up about her recently passed mother. She was “kind” but also “isolated” due to a mental illness.

Singer and actress Naomi Judd (1946-2022) recently died at the age of 76. Her daughter, actress Ashley Judd (54), remembers her mother in an emotional interview.

“Today we sisters experienced a tragedy”, Ashley Judd wrote on Instagram at the end of April. She and her sister Wynonna (57) had “lost our wonderful mother to a mental illness,” explained the actress. In conversation with “Good Morning America” The 54-year-old now says: “When we talk about a mental illness, it is very important to be clear about it and to make a difference between our loved ones and the illness.”

Naomi Judd was an agile conversationalist, but at the same time had trouble getting off the sofa. She was also an “always kind and sensitive woman” who was “very isolated” in many ways because of her illness – even if numerous people had taken care of her in recent years.

Her illness lied to Naomi Judd

The disease “lying is cruel” and it tells a person, for example, that “you are not sufficient, you are not loved, you are not worthy”. Judd emphasizes that anyone going through anything like her mother should talk to other people about their feelings.

When she’s home in Tennessee, the actress visits her parents daily. The 54-year-old says in the conversation that her mother committed suicide. Judd found her and therefore not only mourns her mother, but is also traumatized.

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