Aschheim: tank truck rams semitrailer – district of Munich

Rescue workers saw a picture of the devastation early on Friday morning on the A99 near Aschheim, after around 3.45 a.m. a tanker truck fully loaded with diesel fuel drove into a semi-trailer truck transporting general cargo and overturned it so that the load was spread across the road. Luckily for both drivers, the wall of the tanker truck held up and only the two vehicle tanks partially leaked. Both drivers escaped with minor injuries. However, during the salvage work, a long backlog developed in the direction of Salzburg. According to the Hohenbrunn Motorway Police, the accident occurred when the driver of the semi-trailer truck stopped in an emergency bay between the Kirchheim and Aschheim junctions due to a technical problem and, after repairing the damage, drove back onto the road at around 30 km/h. The driver of the tanker truck noticed this too late and drove up without braking.

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