Arsenal FC sign five-year-old prodigy

Arsenal FC sign five-year-old prodigy

Zayn Ali Salman apparently shows outstanding approaches. Arsenal therefore signed the boy very early on.

Arsenal FC sets the course for the future. The Gunners have signed five-year-old prodigy Zayn Ali Salman.

Various media in Great Britain have already referred to Ali Salman as “little Messi” because of his versatility and enormous talent. A few weeks ago, Ali Salman, at the time still 4, was said to have been signed by Arsenal.

Arsenal FC: Much praise for Zayn Ali Salman

“This kid can do things that it shouldn’t be able to do. As strong as he plays the ball, it doesn’t suit his age,” said Arsenal scout Stephen Deans in a recent publication BBC -Contribution.

“Never, he can’t be in kindergarten. I have to talk to his parents,” were his first thoughts when he found out about Zayn’s age. “Now we’re here. I’ve brought him to a few training sessions and he’s doing well. So it wasn’t a one-off. He’s very consistent.”

Zayn’s father, Ali Salman, also had a say in the contribution and told of his son’s first steps in football. “He had an incredible sense of balance from a very young age.”


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