Are you planning a trip to travel? Book a hotel with your Freedom Card at Agoda and get a 6% discount.

If you’re planning a long vacation and want a great deal, how about booking with your Freedom Card? Because now there is a campaign for Freedom Card customers who plan to plan a trip through Agoda.

Freedom Card customers can enjoy a 6% discount on hotel bookings through Agoda, the accommodation booking platform for millions of travelers around the world. When booking accommodation with a Freedom Card, the promotional period will be held from today until December 31, 2023.

Customers can view more details and make

Freedom Card customers can earn rewards up to 9% from every top up and use the card in BTZ coins if you apply today – 30 June 2023 only!

Who doesn’t have a card? You can apply

*Conditions are as specified by the company.

**Freedom Card operated by T2P Co., Ltd.

***The company has been sponsored to give rewards by Freedomverse Co., Ltd. by receiving information from T2P Co., Ltd. for processing.

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