Are you not happy? Double ! / World Cup 2022 / Gr. D / France-Australia (4-1) /

Fifty-one. A zone, an aperitif, a record. That of goals in the France team, now co-owned by Thierry Henry and a certain Olivier Giroud. Remember his name, this little guy has a future!

He is 36 years and 53 days old, which makes him the oldest Blue to have played in a World Cup match. But it’s a safe bet that this record, Olivier Giroud does not care. Despite his advanced age, the French striker has the freshness of a young wolf with long teeth, starved to death and ready to give a kick without going into detail. Faced with Australia and its army of brats, Giroud probably followed this verse from the Bible, taken from the book of Isaiah, chapter 30, verse 15: “It is in calm and confidence that your strength will be. » “I try to remind myself of it regularly, it has helped me to stay calm, lucid and focused” , he confided before the meeting to beIN Sports. Three qualities that were needed to definitively overthrow the meeting against Socceroos who, in the space of a quarter of an hour, managed to seriously doubt the reigning world champions, who, for their part, succeeded in reminding us that the French team is capable of play sexy pool matches.

Titi and Giroud mined

Giroud, he managed to recall that the injury last minute of Karim Benzema was ultimately not so serious (except for the person concerned, to whom we obviously wish a speedy recovery). As if we could doubt it… We are still talking about a player who discovered Ligue 1 at the age of 24, the France team a year later and who, in 114 selections, had planted 49 pawns under the blue shirt. That’s two less than the legend Thierry Henry, who has “only” nine more caps before kick-off on Tuesday evening. And now, 90 minutes later, Olivier Giroud has concluded his 115e international appearance by a double which allows him to return to the height of the taulier today sitting on the bench of Belgium. All this while he is in great shape and has two games left (minimum, let’s remain optimistic) to sit alone on the much envied throne of Jean-Bomber made in France.

But while France is suffering a plethora of injuries and while Robert Lewandowski has proved, earlier, facing mexico, that it was possible never to break the curse of the rusty goal counter in the World Cup, Olivier Giroud, who had scored only once, in 2014 against Switzerland (5-2), continued to follow his path, without asking questions, but without remaining unmoved either. After his saving head, we wondered what the celebration would be like. A race to the corner post and a suitable break as a wink? Nay, just a head taken between the hands, lying on the ground, stunned by all the weight of the symbolism that fell all of a sudden. But with the promise not to stop there. After all, doesn’t the Bible say, in Hebrews, chapter 6, verse 12: “So you will not slack off, but you will imitate those who, by their faith and patient waiting, receive the promised inheritance” ?

Theo Hernandez, on behalf of Brother

By Julien Duez

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