Are we witnessing a fake alien invasion?

You have surely seen the news: at the beginning of February, several unidentified flying objects were shot down in the American sky. One of them is a spy device from China, but for the others we don’t know yet. And this uncertainty has given rise to a great fantasy among some internet users… What if it were aliens?

The question was therefore posed to General Glen Vanherck, in charge of Aerospace Defense of North America, who replied: “I leave it to the intelligence and counterintelligence services to take care of it. For the moment, I do not exclude any theory. »

By leaving the door open to the extraterrestrial theory, the US military has fueled a rumor that has gone out of control on the networks: is the US government shooting down UFOs in the sky? Or, is that what they would like us to believe in order to better control ourselves? Some call it the “Blue Beam” project. Oh My Fake goes into detail on it in the video placed at the top of this article.

Be strong against fake news

OMF Oh My Fake on Snapchat Discover, it’s the 20 Minutes program that makes you strong against fake news, and more broadly invites you to understand the springs and psychological biases that encourage sharing and virality. Beyond knowing if “It’s true or it’s false”, the important thing is rather to understand “Why did we believe it? », by analyzing the mechanisms that make rumours, often fake, attractive to the point that even seasoned minds – like yours! – can succumb to it.

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