ARD Germany trend: traffic lights in the survey again without a majority

Status: 08.12.2022 11:55 p.m

The traffic light coalition has been in office for a year – but if there were another election, it would be loud ARD-Germany trend still no longer get a majority. 42 percent of those surveyed also expect their own economic situation to deteriorate.

The traffic light parties from the SPD, Greens and FDP also fall short in the current Germany trend ARD morning magazine own majority: Together they only reach 42 percent. Compared to the December 1 survey, there are only minor changes in the party preferences of citizens.

If there were federal elections next Sunday, the CDU/CSU Union would get 29 percent of the votes and remain the strongest force, but would lose one percentage point. Bündnis 90/Die Grünen reached 18 percent, as did the SPD. 15 percent of those surveyed would opt for the AfD. The FDP could increase to six percent (plus one percentage point). The left would remain at five percent.

42 percent expect their own economic situation to deteriorate

The survey also addressed economic expectations. The Germans continue to be subdued – albeit not as strongly as in the July survey. According to DeutschlandTrend, far more than one in three (42 percent) expect that their economic situation will be worse in a year from now than it is today due to high inflation and the threat of recession. The level of skepticism has declined slightly compared to the July survey (minus six percentage points). 47 percent of those surveyed believe that their personal circumstances will remain about the same, eight percent expect their personal situation to improve over the next twelve months.

People with low incomes and citizens from eastern Germany are particularly pessimistic about their own economic prospects. Every second person with a monthly net household income of less than 1,500 euros fears that they will be worse off economically in 2023. 49 percent of the East Germans surveyed are also convinced of this.

Almost every second for Flick as national coach

Another topic of the current Germany trend was the early elimination of the German national soccer team at the World Cup in Qatar. Nevertheless, the DFB continues to rely on Hansi Flick as national coach – and this decision also finds the approval of the Germans surveyed in the DeutschlandTrend. 45 percent are in favor of sticking with the national coach. Only one in five (21 percent) pleads for his replacement. Around a third of those surveyed (34 percent) cannot or do not want to comment on the trainer question.

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Universe: Eligible voters in Germany
Collection method: Random telephone and online survey
Survey period: 06th to 07th December 2022
number of cases: 1259 respondents (823 telephone interviews and 436 online interviews)
Weighting: according to sociodemographic characteristics and recollection of voting behavior; Sunday question with separate weighting
fluctuation range: 2 percentage points for a share value of 10 percent
3 percentage points for a share value of 50 percent
Implementing institute: infratest dimap

Results are rounded to whole percentages to avoid false expectations of precision. Because for all representative surveys, fluctuation ranges must be taken into account. In the case of a survey with 1000 respondents, these amount to around three percentage points for large parties and around one point for smaller parties. In addition, the rounding error is significant for small parties. For these reasons, no party below three percent is shown in the Sunday question.

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