“Apple Music Classical” with Hi Res Audio & Dolby Atmos now also for Android


May 30, 2023 (Karsten Serck)

Apple now has one for its Apple Music Classical streaming service Android app published. The classical music streaming offer is available to Apple Music subscribers at no extra charge and also offers classical music lossless in “Hi Res Audio” with up to 192 kHz/24 bit and occasionally also in 3D audio (Dolby Atmos).

The streaming service was launched in late March 2023 with an iPhone app that also supports AirPlay. According to Apple, “Apple Music Classical” offers around five million titles, including new releases and famous masterpieces as well as thousands of exclusive albums.

“Apple Music Classical” has its origins in the classical music streaming service “Primephonic”, which Apple took over in August 2021, for which a separate app for classical music with additional functions had actually already been announced for 2022. Shortly after the announcement of the “Primephonic” takeover, Apple had taken the streaming service offline and “compensated” existing subscribers with a six-month subscription to Apple Music.

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