Apple is launching! Resellers too

Black Friday 2022 is almost here. Apple announces on its site this Thursday evening Apple Gift Cards for the purchase of certain iPhone models. The iPhone 13 and even the iPhone 14 already benefit from reduced prices at resellers…

the Black-Friday 2022 has already started. Apple, usually cautious when it comes to joining the operation, announces this Thursday evening reductions of 50 euros in Apple Gift Card for the purchase of a iPhone 13iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 12 or iPhone SE between November 25, the official date of Black Friday, and November 28, 2022. Trade-in offers for your old devices will bring the price down even further (see offers).

If Apple decides to wait a week, plenty of iPhone deals should appear tomorrow Friday for Black Friday Week, which kicks off at Amazon and many other stores. If you look closely, the discounts have already started for several days. For Apple fans, theiPhone is already down among merchants but also among operators who unveiled their Black Friday offers this week. In particular, it is possible to take advantage of some price reductions on the iPhone 13 and 12 mini, which are a little more affordable than their big brother, the iPhone 14, unveiled last September.

The iPhone 13, for example, is offered at 849 euros instead of 909 euros on the Fnac side and it can be found for less than 800 euros at Rakuten. SFR also offers the iPhone 13 from 199 euros (+ 8€/month for 24 months) with the subscription to a 5G package of 150 GB.

Even the iPhone 14 benefits from an offer, in particular at Sosh with a reduction of 40 euros on the 128 GB version for customers subscribing to a package with the operator and even 100 euros more with a recovery of an old smartphone by through Click & Collect. Enough to bring down the latest iPhone at 879 euros instead of 1019 euros even before Black Friday. The offer is valid until November 30. Discover these offers and some must-haves in our regularly updated selection:

Our selection of the best offers of the moment


Black Friday is traditionally held a few weeks after the release of the latest iPhone. Difficult, therefore, to sell off the biggest novelty on the market so quickly. The iPhone 14 should therefore not benefit from promotions directly related to the event. A few iPhone 14 SKUs are currently enjoying promotions, including on sites like Rakuten, which has been offering a few price cuts on the latest iPhone since its release.

If you’re avidly looking to buy an iPhone 14 on Black Friday, another way to find discounted prices might be to approach your carrier. For a period of re-engagement, you will then probably be able to take advantage of a small discount on the latest smartphone from the apple brand.

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What are the iPhone 13 deals for Black Friday?

The last Black Friday had very interesting promotions on the iPhone 13! To everyone’s surprise, the telephone Apple directly benefited from some price cuts during the event. It is also often possible to find promotions on this very recent and efficient model:

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What deals on the iPhone 12 for Black Friday?

The iPhone 12 having been marketed more than two years ago, the offers on the Apple smartphone are more numerous, and should return in 2022. On the occasion of the last Black Friday, the promotions were more interesting than the years past where only a few euros were to be “scratched” on a barely marketed iPhone 12.

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What Apple iPhone 11 deals on Black Friday?

One of the most anticipated phones during Black Friday is the iPhone 11. The device almost always enjoys promotions during the event, and sometimes even before the famous Black Friday even begins. Although released several years ago, the iPhone 11 remains an excellent phone that is often accessible with price cuts. The iPhone 11 should remain a safe bet and available for even less this year.

What offers on the iPhone X, XR, even 8 or 7 during Black Friday?

If finding a really cheap iPhone in 2022 is your priority, deals for the iPhone X, iPhone XR, or even the iPhone XS may still be the best deal for you. Although the iPhone X is generally not very available, since it was no longer produced by Apple for a few years, it could still be found new at several merchants. In recent years, second-hand and refurbished have dominated.

As for the iPhone 7 and 8, they have seen their stocks reduced to a trickle in recent years, but they are still popular. However, we can strongly advise you to turn to a more recent model, since the iPhone 8 (and older versions) will soon no longer be updated by Apple.

For fans, know that at merchants like Amazon, CDiscount, Fnac, Darty or even Boulanger, it is possible to turn to unlocked / refurbished versions. But be careful: when buying a refurbished smartphone, in other words second-hand, make sure that the second-hand model has been rechecked by the manufacturer or the merchant.

What offers on the iPhone SE during Black Friday?

As we have already seen, Apple and especially its resellers do not hesitate to reduce the prices of intermediate iPhones during the holiday season. These iPhones still have the advantage of taking over the flagship technologies of the latest model in an older format (the reference would be the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 8 for the SE).

Apple still as cautious during Black Friday?

Over the past few years, Apple has relaxed a bit with regard to promotional operations and in particular on Black Friday, which the Apple brand has been slow to adhere to. Rare thing to highlight: the Cuppertino firm offered Black Friday offers on its own official website in the last edition. The offers were unfortunately not the best available for the occasion.

A quasi-historic agreement, signed between Apple and Amazon a few years ago, on the other hand, has fully brought iPhones to the largest merchant participating in Black Friday. Apple fans or consumers looking for a high-performance smartphone at a lower price should therefore pay attention. Many offers could be available at different specialized retailers. It will be necessary to scrutinize the iPhone deals of Black Friday 2022 so as not to miss any good deals!

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