Apple iPhones: This is how you activate the cell broadcast function


You will receive disaster warnings from public authorities on your iPhone via cell broadcast – without any additional app. This is how you activate the feature.

In Germany, the population will in future also be informed about natural disasters and other dangerous situations by SMS. For this to work, the cell broadcast function must be activated. A first test run for the system is scheduled for December 8th at the nationwide warning day take place.

According to the manufacturer, the feature is already activated on the Apple iPhone ex works. If you want to be sure that this is actually the case and you have not accidentally switched off the function, you can check whether cell broadcast is activated for you as follows.

If you have activated the warning messages, the cell broadcast messages will definitely be sent to you. In order for the system to function properly, you must ensure that your iPhone always up to date is.

In another guide, we’ll show you how Cell broadcast enabled on Android phones.

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