Anti-Semitism debate: further dispute over the Munich protest camp – Munich

After the decision of the Bavarian Administrative Court to continue to allow the pro-Palestinian protest camp on Professor-Huber-Platz in front of the Ludwig Maximilian University (LMU), there is no calm in the discussion.

Internal drafts of a planned statement by the Student Representative Council on the situation in Gaza and the protests show that opinions also differ widely within the student body. Among other things, it is criticized that so far there are no protest camps that are not “clearly” anti-Semitic. The Ring of Christian Democratic Students (RCDS) also distanced itself in a statement from the camp, whose participants did not speak for the entire student body, and expressed solidarity with Israeli and Jewish students.

On Wednesday, the state parliament’s science committee voted unanimously in favor of a proposal from the CSU and Free Voters that would make it easier to deregister anti-Semitic, extremist and racist students. “It’s about protecting universities as a space for free discourse and ensuring their members – students, lecturers and professors – the freedom to study, teach and research – in a fear-free environment,” said former Justice Minister Winfried Bausback (CSU). German press agency. The CSU’s move is based on the attack on a Jewish student in Berlin by a pro-Palestinian activist at the beginning of the year.

The Israelite Community in Munich also welcomes such an approach. Its president Charlotte Knobloch said in a statement: “If the participants accuse the Jewish state of ‘apartheid’ and at the same time say nothing about the 1,200 murdered on October 7th or about the hostages, then in my opinion it is no longer about political criticism , but only about hate.”

Camp participants had previously denied any anti-Semitic attitude. However, in an Instagram story from “Uni for Palestine Munich” on Monday, a young woman could be seen holding up a poster in Hebrew letters that put the Shoah into perspective, reports the “Left Alliance Against Anti-Semitism Munich”. In addition, some of the protesters belong to the Marxist university group “Weapons of Criticism,” which belongs to the “Class against Class” group, which is classified as left-wing extremist. On its website, it questions Israel’s right to exist.

“Munich is colorful” launched a counter-protest

At a press conference called for Wednesday, camp spokesman Kilian Gremminger gave an evasive answer to the question of whether the participants also stood for the liberation of Palestine “from the river to the sea.” Gremminger said he couldn’t say anything about that, especially since this statement is forbidden at German events. The camp primarily serves to put pressure on the universities so that the protesters’ demands are implemented.

To achieve this, Gremminger continued, the protest must also be expanded to universities and companies in the form of strikes and all support for Israel and thus the “genocide in Gaza” must be stopped. The state government’s plans are a “declaration of war” on the protest camp. Following approval from the Administrative Court, this will now remain in place at the LMU until at least June 6th, as the district administration department confirmed upon request. Another counter-protest by “Munich is colorful” was scheduled for Wednesday evening.

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