Anti-AfD campaign “Flyerservice Hahn”: searches by the Berlin police at the “Center for Political Beauty” – Berlin

On Thursday morning, the Berlin police searched the rooms of people close to the artist collective “Center for Political Beauty” (ZPS). That said a spokesman for the police. The reason for the investigation is an action by the collective in the federal election campaign. With a fake company called “Flyerservice Hahn” the artist collective had deceived the AfD and offered as a service provider to distribute advertising material for the party. But that ended up in the trash instead.

Ten officers of the state security responsible for politically motivated crimes at the State Criminal Police Office (LKA) searched an apartment and a studio that morning from 7 a.m. The raid lasted until 9 a.m., according to a police spokesman, the investigators secured data carriers.

The Berlin public prosecutor’s office has so far been investigating a suspect and other unknown accomplices. At the request of the public prosecutor’s office, a judge issued the search warrants on suspicion of falsification of evidence-relevant data.

The corresponding paragraph of the Criminal Code states: “Anyone who saves or changes evidence-relevant data for the purpose of deceiving legal transactions in such a way that a false or falsified document would be present if they were perceived, or uses data stored or changed in this way, is subject to imprisonment of up to five years or punished with a fine. “

According to the public prosecutor’s office, the ZPS with fake staff, the fake company and a fake website gave the impression that it was a real company that offered the distribution of flyers for money. The fantasy company is said not to have invoiced the AfD for the service – therefore it is not investigated for fraud and forgery of documents.

Political scientists had criticized the artist collective’s action as problematic: because all parties should have the same opportunities in the election campaign and should not be hindered in any way. The collective now complained after the search, however, “the first official act of the new R2G Senate in Berlin: search the apartments of artists”. This is a “black day for artistic freedom in Germany”.

Search warrant tweeted? That would be a criminal offense

The collective’s lawyers declared that the search by the LKA Berlin was “a political scandal!”. The reasons given for the search warrant are advanced. “The allegations are never enough to even bring charges.”

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