Another plane diverted due to an engine problem… An Ajaccio-Orly flight lands urgently in Lyon

The Paris-Seattle flight at the beginning of May, that of Montreal-Lyon last week… A flight was diverted again on Monday, due to a “technical problem on an engine”, relays News Lyon. The Air Corsica plane, which linked Ajaccio to Paris Orly, had to land urgently at Lyon Saint-Exupéry airport. Unlike other recent incidents, the aircraft concerned is an Airbus A320 and not a Boeing 777.

“Ajaccio-Orly flight XK776 at 7:05 p.m. on May 20, 2024, suffered a drop in oil pressure on an engine. This flight was operated by a new Airbus A320neo, put online on April 30, the Corsican company told local media. Faced with this incident, the crew cut off the engine in accordance with the manufacturer’s technical procedure and diverted the aircraft, in complete safety, to Lyon, the nearest airport. » Analyzes are underway to find out the causes of the breakdown.

End of bus journey for passengers

Once in Lyon, the passengers learned that their plane would not take off again. “The following flight was canceled due to the late hour (curfew at Orly) to set up a replacement aircraft,” the company said.

Faced with this situation, Air Corsica took care of the travelers and rerouted them to Orly by bus, a five-hour journey. On Xsome people affected expressed their dissatisfaction.

“The company regrets the inconvenience suffered by its customers and presents its most sincere apologies for this extremely rare and unpredictable operating incident,” Air Corsica said.

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