Annalena Baerbock: In addition to heavy weapons, Ukraine needs long-term humanitarian aid (video)

Watch the video: Federal Foreign Minister Baerbock on military and civil aid for Ukraine (original sound)

STORY: Annalena Baerbock, Alliance 90/The Greens – Federal Foreign Minister on Thursday in Berlin: “Together with our transatlantic partners, we are known to invest in the equipment of the Bundeswehr, in our security. But the situation in Ukraine also underlines: military investments and at the same time civilian means. That’s not a contradiction. And we’ve seen a discussion like this, 100 billion more for the Bundeswehr does that mean less for civilians? No, on the contrary. Because military commitment and civilian use. It’s not either or, it’s “The two only work hand in hand and they always have to complement each other. Yes, Ukraine needs heavy weapons now. We just delivered self-propelled howitzers and rocket launchers directly. But they also need food, humanitarian aid, hospitals and water supply. Namely in the long term, especially when hopefully the military situation is finally over. This is exactly when civil infrastructure is needed all the more.”

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