Animals: polar bear cub born in Hamburg Tierpark Hagenbeck

Polar bear cub born in Hagenbeck Zoo in Hamburg

The parents Victoria (r) and Kap in the enclosure of the Hamburg Tierpark Hagenbeck. (Archive) photo

© Georg Wendt/dpa

The last baby polar bear was born in Hagenbeck Zoo in Hamburg in 2002. Now the now 21-year-old polar bear lady Victoria herself has become a mother for the first time.

A polar bear cub was born in Hamburg’s Hagenbeck Zoo. The animal was born by polar bear Victoria in mid-December 2022, the zoo in Hamburg announced. The mother, who was born in the zoo in 2002, takes very loving care of her newborn.

“We are very happy about the first polar bear cub in the polar sea. For Hagenbeck, this offspring in the second generation is an enormous breeding success and proof that our breeding efforts for this endangered species are paying off,” said Guido Westhoff, Zoological Director at Hagenbeck, according to the announcement . The zoo initially did not provide any information on the sex of the animal.

Mother and child are still shielded from visitors. However, a monitor is to be installed in the polar bear enclosure soon so that visitors can catch a glimpse of the two inside the facility.


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