Angered by a journalist’s fact-checking, Donald Trump suddenly ends an interview

It had been a long time since Donald Trump had dealt with such a well-prepared journalist. For ten minutes or so, Steve Inskip of public radio station NPR patiently fact-checked every false assertion the former US president made about a so-called 2020 presidential fraud. pleased Donald Trump, who sharply ended an interview recorded on Tuesday and broadcast on Wednesday.

The exchange begins cordially on the pandemic. “Vaccines, I recommend them, but it should be an individual choice”, details Donald Trump, who says “against a vaccine obligation”.

“You know very well that this is an incorrect partial report”

Fairly quickly, the discussion switches to the mid-term elections of November 2022. The journalist asks the ex-president to react to the words of the Republican senator from South Dakota. According to Mike Rounds, “Republicans’ lost the 2020 presidential election” and continuing to talk about so-called fraud this year risks causing their voters to stay at home.

“If you look at what they found in Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania or Wisconsin, they find impossible stuff. It was a rigged election, ”retorts Donald Trump.

Steve Inskip then reads the conclusion of an unofficial Arizona Republicans-sponsored audit that found no evidence of large-scale fraud. He quotes Donald Trump’s lawyers, who were forced to admit before several judges that they did not claim that there had been fraud. “Isn’t it true that there were more ballots than voters in Philadelphia?” », Continues Donald Trump. “It’s not true. You know very well that was a false partial report which was corrected afterwards », Retorts the journalist.

“Mitch McConnell is a loser”

Why are few Republican senators supporting what Democrats call “the big lie”? “Because Mitch McConnell is a loser “, Gets angry Donald Trump, believing that the boss of the Republicans in the Senate did not defend him enough. The ex-president then pleads against the dozens of judges who ruled against his campaign, and against the Supreme Court which “refused to take up the case”. “For lack of standing », Corrects the journalist (the Court considered that Texas did not have the capacity to file a complaint).

Steve Inskip asks Donald Trump if Republican midterm candidates need to support his fraud charges to receive his support this year. Response: “They do whatever they want. The only way to ensure that doesn’t happen again is to find out what happened in the rigged 2020 election. “

The journalist then tries to continue with another question, the interview being only 9 minutes out of the 15 scheduled. “Thanks Steve, it was good,” said Donald Trump. “I wanted to ask you a question about January 6 … He is no longer there, OK”, concludes Inskip, who realizes that he no longer has anyone on the phone.

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