Angela Merkel reveals: This is what happens with her brightly colored blazers

Outgoing Chancellor
Angela Merkel reveals: This happens to her numerous blazers

Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) is known for her blazers

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After 16 years, Angela Merkel is giving up the office of Chancellor. The fashionable years were shaped by their colorful blazers. In an interview, the politician now revealed what she does with the clothes.

Angela Merkel said in an interview with the “Süddeutsche Zeitung” reveal what happened to her legendary blazers, which she wore in many different colors. “They come into the used clothes collection. Regularly,” she told the newspaper. She doesn’t want to turn the blazers into exhibits. “I don’t give clothes to the museum,” said Merkel. During her 16-year tenure as German Chancellor, she made angular cut blazers in a wide variety of colors her fashionable trademark.

Angela Merkel blazers sometimes had a message

When asked whether she had linked a political message with the choice of her blazer color, Merkel replied: “Sometimes”. As early as 2015 she told the “SZ”: “There are occasions when I have to wear dark colors; then there are sometimes indications that you will be standing in front of a white background, so it doesn’t have to be the light blazer. And sometimes I have spontaneous Desire to wear something brightly colored. ” Often there is no time to deal with it for a long time, then the color is a “purely coincidental product”.

The CDU politician is relaxed about the change of power in the Chancellery. “I know what we have achieved in the governments that I have led,” said Merkel, looking back on her years in government. The fact that a Social Democrat is likely to sit in the Chancellery again in the future does not cause her sleepless nights. There will be political differences, that goes without saying, she said. “But I can sleep peacefully.”

What she will do in the first few days after saying goodbye, she does not yet know, said Merkel. Her husband Joachim Sauer, however, has no worries, she will soon just be sitting around at home. “I don’t think he’s so scared of that,” said the 67-year-old. “Firstly, he’s got enough to do himself, and secondly, I’ve never distinguished myself by just sitting around at home.”


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