Andrei Kurkow’s speech at the opening of the Munich Literature Festival – Culture

Russia created the myth that only Russian culture can be found on the territory of the Soviet Union. It is high time to correct the error.

The fertile soil of Ukraine is used to serving as a hideout. In 1917, during the revolution and ensuing civil war, Ukrainian peasants buried money and other valuables in their gardens, hoping to dig them up once the situation stabilized. During the Holodomor, the organized famine of 1932-1933, when the Red Army went from house to house taking grain from the peasants, they buried sacks of wheat, barley and other food. In western Ukraine after 1945, peasants buried guns near their homes, which they then dug up again to fight against the Soviet dictatorship. To this day, the soil of Ukraine hides thousands of unclaimed objects.

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