“And you, do you like it? Hide your joy! »… Deschamps in freestyle with a journalist

DD, Cool as a cucumber, as they say on the other side of the Channel. As since the first victory against Australia, the coach of the France team advances in this competition with a rather impressive calm. As if everything was flowing over him. After a journalist told him that it had been a while since we had seen him, Deschamps asked him with a smile if we had missed him. To the photographers genuflecting in front of the stage and who were asked to leave the room, he gave them a small wave of the hand, laughingly saying “hi! “. This is how the double world champion approaches this shock against England, Saturday in the Qatari desert, at the Al Bayt stadium, more than 60 terminals from Doha.

And with him, the whole team seems to take this match without the slightest pressure, like Youssouf Fofana, who also appeared relaxed on Thursday in conf. “Zenitude, calm and serenity, we have had it from the start, assured La Dèche. It’s a World Cup quarter-final but there’s nothing to stress about, it’s just happiness and pleasure. Excitement takes over (as the match approaches) but without stress, without restraint, it’s wonderful to play a match like that. “The French coach does not really have any reason to be angry, his president having already almost assured him to continue the adventure, even if his team returns home on Saturday evening and does not validate the initial objective of the semi-finals set by the Fed.

The DD Comedy Club

Launched on the subject, Deschamps began a rather crisp dialogue based on chambering with Sébastien Tarrago, the journalist of the chain The Team. When the latter told him that Le Graët wanted to extend it and asked him if he was happy, DD let go. We give you the sequence:

– Deschamps: “Yes, that makes me happy. And you, do you like it? »

– Tarrago: “Yes, of course! »

– Deschamps: “Hide your joy! »

– Tarrago: “Why, you doubt it Didier? »

– Deschamps: “Oh, I have no doubts, I have certainties! Not in football but outside yes, but it does not matter, we are not going to do a monologue. »

Once the gallery amused, the coach became (a little) more serious. To the question “will you accept a new contract if he offers it to you”. Answer: “Ah, now is the time to ask myself this question! Now is the time to ask myself this question. It’s very nice what the president said, for the rest my only priority is what awaits us with this quarter-final and the objective of being in the semi-final. I know, I didn’t answer, you don’t have to translate, but that’s my answer”. We’ll be happy with that.

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