Anaïs Chevalier on the provisional podium, Julia Simon well placed… Follow the Nove Mesto ladies’ sprint…

4:47 p.m .: Anaïs Chevalier is still on the podium, even Dorothea Wierer failed to dislodge her on the last lap.

4:41 p.m. : Elvira Oeberg 19th more than 2’20 from the lead, so 1’40 from Julia Simon. I have more and more the impression that the threat for the Frenchwoman is no longer called Oeberg but Vittozzi. The Italian is over a hundred points, the margin is colossal. Winter is almost over, we can start chilling the champagne.

4:40 p.m.: Tandrevold new 2nd. Chevalier is therefore 3rd

4:39 p.m .: Anaïs Chevalier-Bouchet 2nd less than 30 seconds from the Norwegian on the finish line! Very strong on skis

4:37 p.m .: Anaïs Chevalier is 2nd behind Roieseland! She goes very fast on skis. While the Norwegian finishes just now, 36 seconds ahead of Voigt, 41 over Julia Simon. We’ll have to go get her on the chase

4:36 p.m .: A mistake for Lou Jeanmonnot, it’s a shame because she could have played for the win for the young Frenchwoman. It comes out in the top 10, anyway.

4:35 p.m .: Arrrrrghhhhh Julia Simon 4th provisional time five seconds behind Voigt and one and a half seconds behind Vittozzi. It will be about thirty seconds from Roieseland, which is still on the track. It won’t be gross for the pursuit

4:34 p.m. : Voigt dethrones Herrmann for two seconds, not even.

4:33 p.m .: Anaïs Chevalier will do 9/10 too! They are very well the French ones for the moment.

4:32 p.m .: 10/10 for Roieseland! The victory is for the Norwegian, she was way above today…

4:30 p.m. : Whatever happens, it will be a very good operation for the Frenchwoman because Elvira Oeberg is very far away and Julia will also place herself in a good position for the chase.

4:29 p.m .: YESIII THE 9/10 FOR JULIA SIMON!!! She is 3rd! It emerges behind Vittozzi and in front of Herrmann. We have to go get her, the Italian.

4:29 p.m .: Standing shot for Julia!

4:28 p.m .: The German Vanessa Voigt manages the feat of slamming a 10/10 despite the wind of znzin, she is virtually in the lead. And meanwhile, Lou Jeanmonnot is 5/5 on the prone shot

4:27 p.m. : Vittozzi is 4 seconds ahead of Herrmann coming out of the shooting range

4:26 p.m .: Vittozzi misses the standing shot once! 9/10 too. If Julia does not get a hole on the standing shot, she will also play for the win or the podium.

4:25 p.m .: Excellent standing shot by Lucky Luke Denise Herrmann who will finish the race at 9/10. She’s going to play for the win since she skis fast.

4:24 p.m .: OH THE CATASTROPHE FOR ELVIRA OEBERG! Three penalty laps for the Swede. It’s very good for Julia Simon. She is in perdition, the Swedish

4:22 p.m .: Arrrghhhh NO fault for Julia Simon… She seemed very, very tense to me. But it’s okay, 4/5 is not catastrophic either. She still comes out very far from Vittozzi, half a minute from the Italian.

4:21 p.m .: Lou Jeanmonnot sets off! Julia Simon is on the firing line. Crossed destinies.

4:19 p.m. : Lisa Vittozzi is very, very, very tough! 5/5. 3rd overall in the World Cup, we will monitor the possible rise of the Italian in the general. Because she’s been unplayable for a month.

4:17 p.m. : A penalty lap for Herrmann who puts himself in the hard from the first shot

4:17 p.m .: It’s also on for Elvira Oeberg! The great fight begins


4:14 p.m. : Vittozzi is also gone, we will have only heavy to start. The name of the winner will soon be known.

4:10 p.m.: Let’s go! Denise Hermann, bib number 2, leader of the specialty and reigning world sprint champion. It goes strong.

4:06 p.m .: The other French women: Anaïs Chevalier-Bouchet (18), Lou Jeanmonnot (23), Chloe Chevalier (36), Sophie Chauveau (62), Caroline Colombo (77)

4:01 p.m .: Julia Simon will start with bib 10, Elvira Oeberg with bib 14. We will obviously follow these two as a priority.

4:00 p.m.: -10 minutes before departure! We warm up, but not too much: it’s quite hot in Nove Mesto. No phew for Julia Simon, not too fan of the heat.

08h00: Helloooooo the bibix!

Welcome back on the 2,738th live biathlon in the history of 20 minutes. As the Women’s World Cup resumes this Friday (4:10 p.m.) with the sprint, we have a little special emotion: we were not born during the last crystal globe won by a Frenchwoman, namely Sandrine Bailly in 2005. Booooon , it’s not impossible that the style effect of this stat was magnified (note: avoid the valves / refs of the nineties in this live to create an illusion). Let’s get back to the bibi: at 26, Julia Simon is totally stunning this season and she is leading this World Cup. There are only three stages left, counting Nove Mesto (Czech Republic) from this Friday, and our Savoyard biathlete is 76 points ahead of Sweden’s Elvira Oeberg overall. The recent pursuit world champion will have to resume as best she can on this 7.5 km sprint, so as not to see her lead badly melt away in the general standings. Come on, see you soon here.

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