An old giraffe predicts a victory for the Blues

The first time, he took a small risk by betting on the Blues. For his second prediction, Obano should be calmer. This male giraffe from the Branféré animal park, in Morbihan, once again predicted a victory for the XV of France this Thursday evening against the modest players from Uruguay. At the age of 18, the dean of the zoo came to eat the ration of slush located near the tricolor flag, as we can see in a video broadcast on social networks. And if he had eaten the Uruguay ration, would anyone have believed him?

The giraffe Obano from the Branféré zoo, in Morbihan, predicted a victory for the French rugby team against Uruguay. Big poker move. – Facebook Branféré Park

As before the match against the Blacks, Obano chose the ration composed of soya and oatmeal placed in front of the French flag. “The two flags are placed randomly. The first time [avant France Nouvelle-Zélande] the flags were reversed. It’s exactly the same foods that are placed,” assures Hélène Perraud. “The capture is done behind the scenes, without there being too many people, the giraffes being quite sensitive,” specifies the communications manager of the animal park, which welcomes some 300,000 visitors each year.

The giraffe, which can live up to around 27 years in captivity, hopes to experience the same success as the legend Paul the Octopus, who became famous after some good predictions during the 2010 World Cup. The French team is playing this evening at Lille its second match against the 17th nation in the World Rugby rankings.

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