An investigation opened for harassment and death threats of a civil servant of a Parisian high school

An investigation was opened Friday by the national center for the fight against online hatred of the Paris public prosecutor’s office after a complaint from a Principal Education Advisor (CPE) of the Lycée Charlemagne, victim of death threats and online harassment, we learned Monday from a police source, confirmed by the Paris prosecutor’s office. This investigation into death threats, online moral harassment and endangering the lives of others by disseminating information relating to private, family or professional life was entrusted to the Central Office for the Fight against Crimes against Humanity and Hate Crimes (OCLCH), the same sources added, confirming information from Figaro.

The facts date back to Thursday when a young girl wearing a veil presented herself for the baccalaureate exams at her examination center at the Lycée Charlemagne in Paris. The CPE would then have banned her from entering the premises if she did not remove her veil. Then, according to a police source, the versions of the two women diverge. The counselor assures that the student refused to remove her veil while the latter claims to have removed it, but not to have been able to enter.

The student is not blamed

There followed very quickly tweets on social networks, more and more threatening until the identity of the official was revealed. However, since the assassination in October 2020 of Samuel Paty, professor of history and geography, endangering the lives of others by disseminating information on private, family and professional life has become a crime.

The investigators, who want to “go quickly to cut the dynamic” of the harassment, have already heard the CPE and the student. The latter is not questioned, a police source said. The official and her establishment are the subject of special “security and vigilance” on the part of services, it was specified from a source close to the file. In the middle of the day on Monday, the rectorate of Paris had not responded to requests from AFP.

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