An emergency closure order against a crèche for “risks of insalubrity”

A “preventive” closure for a period of three months. State services proceeded on Friday to the temporary closure of the P’tit Campus-Pitchoun crèche, located on the university campus in Talence, we learned on Monday.

“This associative crèche, divided between the municipalities of Bordeaux and Talence, and the University of Bordeaux, received an authorization to open from the Departmental Council on January 24, 2012 for 42 places” recalls the department in a press release. Infiltration problems in the walls and floors, “due to poor workmanship during the construction of the site”, specifies the department, have worsened in recent weeks.

“Risks of insalubrity”

“The director general of the Pitchoun association requested a visit from the departmental services at the beginning of November” who recommended this temporary closure, after having “noted significant structural problems of hygiene and risks of insalubrity of the premises, confirming the decision of the manager for not wanting to involve the safety of children and staff”.

The PMI departmental services then asked the State services to initiate an emergency procedure. “The objective of this measure, taken in consultation with the association managing the establishment, is to envisage major work or the relocation of the structure to suitable premises. »

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