American Football: Kaepernick writes letter to New York Jets asking for job

American football
Kaepernick writes letter to New York Jets asking for job

Colin Kaepernick wants to return to the NFL. photo

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Colin Kaepernick still wants to get back to the NFL. After Aaron Rodgers’ injury, he wrote a letter to the New York Jets and asked for a chance.

Colin Kaepernick (35) still wants to return to the NFL as a quarterback and has that New York Jets asked for a job.

The former San Francisco 49ers playmaker, who became famous worldwide for his silent protest during the playing of the US national anthem, has not played in the National Football League for seven years.

Kaepernick now wrote a letter to Jets owner Joe Douglas and asked to be given a chance as quarterback for the team’s practice squad. Rapper J. Cole published the letter, dated September 21st, on Instagram on Tuesday, according to his own statements with Kaepernick’s consent.

Aaron Rodgers injured

Kaepernick wrote that he wanted to help the Jets after Aaron Rodgers’ serious injury and better prepare the defense for future opponents. He has trained every weekday from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. for six years and wants to show that he is still a good quarterback – and thus give the Jets the chance to sign him permanently if he chooses convince and regular player Zach Wilson cannot play.

Wilson has been the Jets’ number one again since Rodgers’ injury. Rodgers tore his Achilles tendon after a few minutes in the first game. The Jets won the game against the Buffalo Bills, but have lost twice since then.


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