Amazon’s spirits advent calendar put to the test: 24 short ones, please

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24 Short ones and a straw: is it worth the spirit advent calendar from Amazon?

Comes pretty close to a small house bar: The Amazon Spirits Advent Calendar.

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Amazon heralds the countdown to the birth of Christ with schnapps. Our test reveals how good the spirits advent calendar is this year.

Advent calendars are one of the few things in life that gives almost as much joy in adulthood as as a child. A piece of chocolate in the morning no longer draws like it did back then, when worries were smaller and the stomach was flatter. Something more unusual is needed to sweeten the time until Christmas Eve – or at least to make it more bearable. There are now advent calendars in all variations: From Lego to Nivea to a slippery calendar, everything is included.

And of course he can too Amazon Spirits Advent Calendar for lovers of liquid delicacies not missing. The highlight: In addition to whiskey, rum and gin, it also contains two non-alcoholic aperitifs and particularly unusual liqueurs. Perfect for all those who are looking for a change from the well-trodden gin or whiskey paths.

The miniature schnapps bottles hold between 40 and 50 milliliters. So they are more suitable for two drinks. Perfect for enjoying an after-work drink with your partner or organizing a more comprehensive tasting in a small group.

Amazon Spirits Advent Calendar: The Design

Booklet and straw of the Amazon Spirits Advent Calendar.

The booklet of the Amazon Spirits Advent Calendar can be hung up as a calendar using a clamp bracket. A glass straw is also included in the advent calendar.

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This year’s design of the advent calendar is based on Amazon’s home bar. After all – according to the mail-order giant in its foreword to the enclosed calendar booklet – “we all recently spent significantly more time at home”. He is right and not a bad idea, because the sense of the calendar is mainly derived from trying different spirits. Not everyone will taste everything, the selection is too big for that. But if you want to discover the unknown and are possibly looking for new residents for the large house bar, the calendar is ideal for you.

The first impression is quite impressive: When unfolded, the calendar measures 31.5 in height and 80 centimeters in width. So if you want to flaunt it, you need to allow some counter space. The design is kept in Christmas fir green. Last year’s spirits advent calendar, on the other hand, was “just” a dark blue box. Nice: In addition to 22 alcoholic bottles, there are two non-alcoholic aperitifs and a fine glass straw that is also comfortable in the dishwasher. Points win in 2021.

This is in the Amazon Spirits Advent Calendar

Booklet, calendar door and straw of the Amazon spirits advent calendar

The booklet (left) welcomes its readers for Christmas. Gin, whiskey & Co. slumber in small boxes (right) at the top right is the glass straw.

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Of course, the content remains more important and it impresses with its diversity. Without wanting to reveal too much, the mix in 2021 is a bit more balanced than last year. At that time, gin and whiskey dominated the content. This year the Amazon Spirits Advent Calendar is especially suitable for gin drinkers. A total of six bottles of the trendy schnapps are slumbering in it.

Whiskey, rum and liqueur are balanced with three bottles each. Amazon hides a cognac, grappa, nut and fruit schnapps in its advent calendar as “exotic” products. Some of the brands are known by fans from the delicatessen department of a well-stocked supermarket – this is especially true for gin and whiskey. Most connoisseurs should be familiar with Tranquarry, Johnny Walker or Chivas. When it comes to rum, on the other hand, Amazon uses more unusual bottlings.

Beware of spoilers: if you want to be surprised, you should jump to the conclusion

The highlights in the spirits advent calendar

The Duke in a small bottle and mixed as a gin and tonic with cucumber

The Duke in a small bottle and mixed as a gin and tonic with cucumber.

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A highlight for gin and tonic drinkers is undoubtedly The Duke, a German gin from Munich. In the booklet, Amazon recommends tasting as a long drink with The Duke Tonicwater and fresh raspberries. In the absence of both ingredients, the gin also tastes classic with fresh cucumber and Fever Tree Mediterranean. Nice: If you like a schnapps, gourmets can order it directly from Amazon using the QR code in the booklet. Under the information about the drink there is sometimes another serving suggestion or general tips for the perfect minibar.

Razel's Peanut Butter Rum.

Doesn’t look like it, but it tastes and smells like peanut butter: Razel’s Peanut Butter Rum.

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One of the more unusual types of rum is Razel’s Peanut Butter Rum. Amazon recommends that the high-proof be enjoyed neat or on ice. Said and done. The name does what it promises. The first dubious thoughts of a peanut butter rum evaporate when the palate can enjoy a mix of salty and sweet rum. In any case, a pleasant surprise of a special kind.

Spoiler end

High quality shorts for a fair price

As in the previous year, Amazon also requires 2021 80 euro for his spirits advent calendar, but puts it a step further. The design is massive and convincing. There is little news in the booklet for experienced gin or whiskey drinkers, but you can hang it up as a calendar and separate the individual pages. The tipsy keep recipes that they like to save space.

On average, you pay for the spirits advent calendar from Amazon 3.33 euros per bottle – the price is okay. 13 big brothers of the 24 mini schnapps cost between 20 and 38 euros (on Amazon). On average, you shell out € 23.80 for the bottles in the large versions; the price of the most expensive spirit is just under € 38. In 2020 the crown went to Santa Teresa 1796, which costs just under 45 euros.

However, the 2021 has one disadvantage compared to the previous year: once the doors on the side are open, they can be closed again, but they look a bit un-Christmas. You can, however, recycle last year’s calendar effortlessly and more cheaply because all the doors are packaging. Too bad.

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