AMA Summary with Alvin, Founder of DarleyGo

1. Briefly introduce yourself and DarleyGo.

Hello, I’m Alvin, Founder of DarleyGo. DarleyGo is an NFT horse racing game built on Solana chain that allows players to buy, train, race, collect and breed NFT horses.

2. What inspired you to start this project?

Because I grew up watching many horse racing events and have always been a big fan of them. Prior to starting this DarleyGo project, I worked in the horse racing industry for many years. I mainly trade live horse racing between UK, Korea and Hong Kong and I have always enjoyed playing horse racing video games. So I want to solve the main problem of the game, which is the problem of monetization. After witnessing the full boom of blockchain technology and the adoption of NFT, I gathered two of my old friends. which is now our CTO and Director And I decided to turn our thoughts into reality.

3. Why did you choose Solana chain from all Layer 1 chains?

First of all, it’s about speed. Speed ​​is one of the most important factors we consider. the second is The overall quality of the ecosystem We like that the system can support it. (from every point of view) what we try to create

Combining the two points I mentioned above, we think Solana is the best fit for our values, projects, and goals.

4. Tell us, what are the differences and special strengths of DarleyGo? compared to other projects

when we design the game We look at it from a real-world horse racing perspective. For example, the breeding section is one of the most important parts of the entire game. Instead, let the model type determine the overall quality of the horse. We have decided to create a whole new system and use the factor. “Probability of mutation” to help increase the chances of breeding champion horses. (Just like in the real world)

In addition, we want players to have more interaction with their horses. And can explore the horse’s abilities (eg distance, running style, character…etc), so we have a training mode to activate.

5. Can you disclose to the partners (funds, projects, foundations, etc.) that are partnering with DarleyGo? Including plans for more cooperation in the future as well.

We are honored to partner with such incredible partners as Jump Capital, our principal investor in Seed, GBV, Waterdrip, GuildFi, Paribus, Solar Eco Fund, Athena Ventures, SOL Big Brain, FTS, Ellipti. , and of course! Panony, including many more that will happen in the future

Could you explain the benefits of the DarleyGo NFT and the $GXE and $DGE tokens to us? Including information related to issuing tokens (talknomics, issuing schedule, etc.)?

We’re implementing a dual token model for DarleyGo, $GXE and $DGE.

$GXE is mainly used as the in-game currency for transactions. Exemption of entry fee for the competition Total Prize Money and Mission Rewards and mating

The $DGE is DarleyGo’s governance token, which will be used for breeding. Special contest event rewards, staking, voting and access to many special game features

7. What if I want to buy a DarleyGo NFT? Can you give me more details?

We expect to sell 3800 initial horses for our first NFT sale in approximately 2 weeks. We are currently in the final phase to meet community demand. Please wait a moment.

8. Tell us about your vision and medium to long term plans for the DarleyGo project.

Our vision is….we strive to be a leader in the modern game industry!

We will set a new standard by creating a realistic and exciting platform. It is where video games can change the behavior of gamers in traditional ways. Because we’re not just making a simple horse racing game here, imagine the Equine Metaverse that allows players to simulate the virtual horses they have. provide unique features and mix with millions of players how wonderful it will be This is our plan.

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