Alps: Germans hit by avalanche in South Tyrol: One dead

Germans hit by avalanche in South Tyrol: One dead

Operation of the Italian mountain rescue service near Ratschings. A German group was hit by an avalanche. photo

© -/ Soccorso Alpino/dpa

Heavy snowfall has increased the risk of avalanches in the Italian Alps. Now a group of German tourists were hit by an avalanche. Any help came too late for a person.

When one leaves At least one person has died in an avalanche in South Tyrol – probably a holidaymaker from Germany. According to the Italian mountain rescue service, the avalanche occurred on Wednesday near the municipality of Ratschings, near the Austrian border. A group of German tourists were buried in the snow. The rescue workers managed to save two people alive. However, they had to be taken to hospital with serious injuries. The rescue was made easier because those buried were wearing avalanche search devices.

It had snowed heavily in the Italian Alps in the past few days. The new snow also increased the risk of avalanches. The accident occurred near the Wumblsalm area. Around 30 helpers were involved in the rescue work. The mountain rescue service initially did not provide any information about the victims’ origins.


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